Green Cow Pub

As a small publishing group, working at the intersection of technology, culture and education for libraries, schools, and bookstores, and more recently as a bridge for humanizing difficult concepts. We focus on developing well-crafted and forward-thinking pieces in the service of helping young readers better understand a complex world.

Our Company

Our mission is to provide kids with high quality experience in reading that improves perceptions of the world and substantially add to their knowledge.

Interactive Activities

Children playing interactive games in the classroom.

From art projects, to writing prompts, to reflection pieces, to cooking adventures — find ideas for many of our titles that result in fun in the classroom, library, or home.

Teacher's Guides

Teacher reading to children in a group provides learning and fun.

Our books are fun, but contain a great deal of useful information, too. Discover materials created specifically to help GCP titles come alive in the classroom setting.

School and Library Orders

Kids interested in what they are reading, content is critical.

GCP is happy to provide classroom and nonprofit discount pricing. Discover the many ways to order large quantities of our titles.

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