Publishing books and media since 2010


Dear Readers, Customers, Colleagues, and Friends:

We opened shop in 2010 committed to bringing the world a variety of books, eclectic but inspired and above all, fun to read.

In 2017, Green Cow pub launched its brand working with children’s books as a collaborative author based initiative. The core categories of print specialties include travel, adventure, yoga and green living, with a little something for everyone from toddler on, with a strong dose of sentimentality, wanderlust and humor. Upmarket commercial priorities don’t rule out the educational focus of our work.

I hope you enjoy our books as much as we enjoy creating them.

Rose Moody

Green Cow Pub’s Mission Is:

To live, love and play to our greatest potential making the life we live as imortant as the reward of success. To be passionate about what we produce, and to value hard work, integrity, mutual respect, and teamwork. To engage in creative professional growth by encoraging initiative and innovative thinking.

A Few Notes On Writing Fiction

What a broad spectrum to cover, but starting with the basics is always prudent. That's really be covered ad infinitum, so here are the best versions of the most important things you should do... Decide who your audience is going to be. Whether you have your 13 year...

Why Read YA?

Who isn't forever 15? That part of yourself that hovers on the edges of discovery, sure to be ready for anything, bring it on! I love getting back in touch with that thrill seeking courageous person bent on giving the bullshitters a hard time and not taking or putting...

Books and Apps for Toddlers

Reading tip! Don’t be shocked if she wants to read the same book over and over again, memorizing a book is an important step for pre-readers! Repetition is how your child is learning language at an accelerated rate. Choose books that are creatively illustrated with...

Writing Books for Kids

So you want to write a children's book. Well, its not as easy as it seems. There's definitely a learning curve, but if you really think you have a good idea, there is nothing better than spending time with pictures and words. It’s better than therapy. Nearly every...